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Providing San Diego Bankruptcy Law, Personal Injury Law, Criminal Defense and more.

At Taibi Law Center, our firm is dedicated to providing aggressive, effective and personalized advocacy for clients. We have over 25 years of experience in a wide range of legal issues. With an excellent reputation and solid legal skills, we are proud to serve Southern California and have countless successful results for clients.

Attorney Michael A. Taibi has focused his law practice on helping people like you in unfortunate situations. He has vast experience in many areas of law, including: family law, immigration, criminal law, bankruptcy, loan modifications and debt negotiations, personal injury/accidents, and has advocated aggressively and successfully for his clients for years.

Place your trust in an attorney who not only will fight for you and do the job right, but also cares about what happens to you and your family. Call (619) 567-3977 Today for a No Obligation, Legal Consultation with Mr. Taibi, and GET THE FRESH START YOU DESERVE!

What sets Taibi Law Center apart from other law firms in California is the personalized and complete service given to the client. When you hire Taibi & Associates, you can be assured that you will receive the best service from the attorney you actually hire, not from some associate you did not meet when you signed the retainer agreement and paid the fee, since the attorney you hire will be the one who handles your case. Don’t be fooled by the other firms who have “supervising” attorneys… Get the attorney you hired to do the work, not some less-experienced associate you didn’t agree to!

Fresh Start –Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

At Taibi Law Center, we believe that every one deserves a fresh start in life. Whether it is filing for divorce, bankruptcy, or a loan modification – we will help. We understand when filing for bankruptcy in California you have many things to consider and just as many, if not more, questions about bankruptcy. If you are exhausted by the bills coming in and the constant calls from creditors, now is the time to take action and begin your road to financial success.

From the moment you begin your case with Taibi Law Center you are protected from creditors while your bankruptcy case is being prepared or other non-bankruptcy alternatives are put into place. Taibi Law Center is here to guide you through the process, and immediately relief your stress.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyers today and get started on the road to a debt-free life.

Family Resolution

At Taibi Law Center, you can know you are getting years of experience to fight for your needs. Mr. Taibi’s courtroom success is long standing and speaks for itself. When you meet with Mr. Taibi, he will address the sensitivity of your individual case needs, provide compassion and will work relentlessly on achieving results for your case. Mr. Taibi works hard to educate each individual on their rights, what to expect, and how to handle each phase of the case. The delicacy of each case is not over looked. With knowledge is power, and Mr. Taibi will guide you effectively through this process and help you achieve positive results.

Mr. Taibi has experience as a divorce attorney and has hands-on experience with high-conflict resolution cases, military divorces, property division, as well as high-value asset division. His ability to provide compassionate counsel along with effective courtroom tactics has given him a very well earned reputation.

Immigration Law

At Taibi Law Center, you will receive the years of experience that can provide the detailed knowledge of what is involved in navigating the laws of immigration. Obtaining temporary visas and green cards are just one area of law that we assist with. Whether you are needing a family based or employment based visa, we are able to assist you in knowing what steps are needed in order to allow you to remain in the United States and navigate the legal system. With our experience and knowledge of immigration laws and green cards, you can be certain your needs will be meet and your case given proper attention.

Personal Injury

Its never an easy situation if you are the one that’s been injured or you are the one being sued due to an injury. Its never justified to be hurt by another, and often the aftermath is overwhelming. The medical bills, lost income due to mental and physical rehabilitation are overwhelming. An experienced attorney can assist you in fighting for your rights and help receive the financial assistance you deserve.

If you are the one that is being accused of being at fault, it is imperative that you seek experience legal counsel immediately. During this difficult time, The Taibi Law Center is here to help alleviate the burden. If you have been injured due to someone’s actions or negligence or are being accused of such, you deserve and need someone advocating for you. Call The Taibi Law Center for a no-obligation consultation.

Taibi Law Center

Attorney Michael A. Taibi is licensed to practice law in the state of California since 1992.

Mr. Taibi has helped countless people in many counties throughout CA to rebuild their lives in all arenas of life.

We are THE Full Service Law Firm

Personal Injury | Bankruptcy & Debt Relief | Immigration | Family Law | Criminal Defense

Place your trust in an attorney who not only will fight for you and do the job right, but also cares about what happens to you and your family.

Call for a No Obligation, Legal Consultation with Mr. Taibi and

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Michael Taibi's mission is to assist individuals in rebuilding their life. He has 25 years of experience helping individuals in need. He has spent many years becoming an expert in a myriad of different kinds of cases. He is competent and capable of handling cases that consist of family law, criminal, bankruptcy, estate planning and immigration. He is experienced in:

Personal Injuries
Child Custody and Visitation
Prenuptial Agreements
Legal Separation
Domestic Violence Cases
Restraining Orders
DUI Cases
Drug Possession Charges

Attorney Michael A. Taibi
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